// sav004 A Celestial Odyssey //
01 A Celestial Odyssey 02:47 Delightful, Uplifting Vienna Boys Choir with Strings, Deep Bass Drum and Percussion, Later Joined by the Whole Orchestra. A Wonderful Musical Journey Sure to Enchant all Stories Told. Download Track-Cuesheet
02 Galactic Treaty 01:20 Inspirational and Enchanting Strings with Bells, Soft Choir and Piano w/ slow Build to a Surprising End, Telling a Tale of Love and Hope. Download Track-Cuesheet
03 Thousand Years Of Peace 01:39 Peaceful Strings and Choir Slowly Developing into a Glowing and Magnificent Orchestral Chorale, Floating Along Galaxies of Warm Fuzzy Spaciousness. Download Track-Cuesheet
04 True Love 00:48 Sweet Flute and String Intro, to Rich Heartwarming French Horn Melody w/ Strings and Choir, an Emotionally Overwhelming Reunification of Long Lost Hearts Download Track-Cuesheet
05 Cupid's Call 00:59 Emotional Solo Violin Start into Soft, Warm Strings @ 0:38 Played by the Concert Master of the Vienna Symphonic on His Stradivarius. Download Track-Cuesheet
06 A Perfect Afternoon 01:12 Sweet Sentimental Lyrical Violin, Flute & Strings Open to Sweeping Emotional & Sublime Orchestra /w soft Choir, Bursting Out with the Deepest Tenderness Download Track-Cuesheet
07 Sweet Reprieve 02:01 Enchanting Strings with Flowing French Horn & Beautiful Cello Melody @ 1:09 Out Pours an Angelic ??Elves in the Trees Lead Vocal /w Soft Bells and more Flowing Strings Download Track-Cuesheet
08 Rescued By Magic 00:57 Magical Bells w/ Ethereal Shimmering Strings and Pizz. Cello Accents An Enchanting Fantastical Fairytale, Told by a Cozy Hearth. Download Track-Cuesheet
09 Dark Deed In The Night 01:44 Mysterious Strings and Bells then @ 0:21 Threatening Orchestra then Back again to Melancholy Beautiful Strings, Then @ 1:20 Murderous Orchestral Craziness Download Track-Cuesheet
10 Placing The Explosive 01:48 Heart-Beating, Clock Ticking, Suspenseful Orchestral Time Passage, Extreme Anxiety Causing Time Elapse Sequence Download Track-Cuesheet
11 Templar's Secret 01:55 Otherworldly, Slow Build with Strings, Bells & Magical Effects, Riding that Subtle Edge of Hope and Suspense Download Track-Cuesheet
12 Last Sunrise 01:29 Solemn & Melancholy Strings w/ Flute, Oboe and French Horn Melodies, Then @ 0:55 a Ominous Suspended Unease Crawls in Softly, Announcing Darker Things to Come Download Track-Cuesheet
13 Waiting For The End 01:36 Anxious, Rhythmic Orchestra with Urgent Strings, Setting a Slow Rising and Ever Building Tone of Nervous Anticipation, Download Track-Cuesheet
14 SOS In The Night 00:51 A Desperate Call in the Night for Help - Foreboding and Rhythmic Strings w/ Soft Brass, Pleading SOS Piano Notes & Metallic Percussion. Download Track-Cuesheet
15 Ocean Of Emptiness 01:25 Majestic Orchestral Opening @ 0:30 Releasing into Unearthly, Atmospherical Shimmering and Twinkling Star Clusters Download Track-Cuesheet
16 Hope In The Dark 00:32 Auspicious yet Lonesome Solo French Horn Melody Download Track-Cuesheet
17 The Aftermath 00:36 Sparse and Hopeless Low Piano with Tympani and Big Bells Download Track-Cuesheet
18 Renaissance Dance 01:34 Delightful Melody with Period Instruments, then Joined by Strong Propelling Strings. The Ultimate Dance Groove for the 15th Century Download Track-Cuesheet
19 Magical Moment 00:20 Ghostly Strings, String Effects and Soft Female Voices Download Track-Cuesheet
20 Magical Effect 00:12 Spooky Gongs and Magical Bells Download Track-Cuesheet
Album Description:

Full Orchestra Recorded in Vienna, Featuring the Players of the Vienna Symphonic - Beautiful Emotional Melodies, Love Themes, Suspense Cues & Darker Moods for Movie Trailers, Promos, Commercials & Underscore