// din003 Ambient Ethereal : Volume 3 //
01 A Relaxing Breeze 00:37 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, Celtic, airy, warm, new age, positive, light, sunny, bright, calming, inspirational, relaxing, slow tempo, major. Harp, synth pad, wordless female vocal. Download Track-Cuesheet
02 Thoughtful Words 02:03 Ambient ethereal. Sparse, atmospheric, airy, dramatic, cinematic, pensive, thoughtful, minimal, percussive, simple, warm, slow tempo, minor. Vibes, vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, piano, drums, strings, flute. Download Track-Cuesheet
03 Lost In The Crowd 02:03 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, percussive, fast tempo, minor, cinematic, dramatic, mysterious, tense, airy. Timpani, piano, hand drums, bongos, congas, synth pad, percussion, synth, strings, tambourine. Download Track-Cuesheet
04 The Lost Path 01:00 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, sparse, atmospheric, cinematic, pensive, thoughtful, slow tempo, minor, moody. Piano, synth pads, percussion, acoustic guitar harmonics, nylon string guitar, strings. Download Track-Cuesheet
05 Time Reveals The Truth 00:51 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, sparse, atmospheric, airy, light, simple, pensive, thoughtful, emotional, minor, slow tempo. Rhodes electric piano, vinyl record noise effect SFX, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
06 Let Me Lead The Way 00:32 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, percussive, cinematic, atmospheric, airy, light, pensive, thoughtful, quirky, warm, inspirational, medium tempo, major, intelligent. Bells, Rhodes electric piano, pizzicato strings, piano, electronic elements, percussion. Download Track-Cuesheet
07 Up On The Edge 00:30 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, abstract, electronic, dark, percussive, technology, slow tempo, minor. Beats, glitch, synth, electronic elements, bell tree, acoustic guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
08 Taking It All In 00:59 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, light, sparse, warm, very slow tempo, major, new age, gentle, meditative, thoughtful, relaxing, calming. Synth pad, acoustic delay guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
09 Grass Underfoot 01:44 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, sparse, simple, airy, light, dreamy, pensive, cinematic, minimal, dramatic, thoughtful, hypnotic, meditative, slow tempo, minor. Piano, delay, strings, cello, violin. Download Track-Cuesheet
10 Left From The Fall 00:30 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, light, Celtic, airy, warm, positive, new age, sunny, bright, uplifting, relaxing, calming, feel good. Synth pad, wordless female vocal. Download Track-Cuesheet
11 Signs From The Stars 00:30 Ambient ethereal. Warm, percussive, building, airy, light, medium tempo, major, positive, bright, calming, new age, relaxing, simple. Synth, acoustic guitar, synth pad, beats. Download Track-Cuesheet
12 Above The Sky 01:04 Ambient ethereal. Warm, atmospheric, airy, light, dreamy, slow tempo, major, relaxing, calming, meditative. Synth, piano, percussion, hand drums, bongos, congas, synth pad, shaker. Download Track-Cuesheet
13 A Light From Within 02:45 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, cinematic, mysterious, pensive, thoughtful, moody, emotional, minor, slow tempo, dark, spooky, eerie, quirky. Synth, piano, electric guitar, glockenspiel, percussion, cymbals, vibes, vibraphone, treated piano, harp. Download Track-Cuesheet
14 Where Shadows Lay 01:06 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, dark, cinematic, mysterious, moody, emotional, building, tense tension, suspense, slow tempo, minor. Synth, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
15 Tracing The Steps 01:20 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, light, cinematic, mysterious, pensive, reflective, thoughtful, dreamy, slow tempo, major. Synth pad, synth, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
16 Sounds On The Stairs 04:15 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, dense, cinematic, pensive, thoughtful, slow tempo, tension, suspense, minor, repetitive, minimal, mysterious. Toy piano, strings, synth pad, glockenspiel, celeste. Download Track-Cuesheet
17 Inside The Darkness 01:40 Ambient ethereal. Abstract, tension, suspense, horror, minimal, repetitive, dark, scary, moody, bizarre, eerie, minor. Piano, found sound, female vocal whispers, telephone dial tones, mechanical sounds, abstract noises. Download Track-Cuesheet
18 Soaring Into Space 03:03 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, slow tempo, airy, dark, moody, cinematic, minor, emotional, space music, sparse, simple. Synth pad, synth, electronic elements. Download Track-Cuesheet
19 Lost In The Wild 06:51 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, light, simple, sparse, slow tempo, major, relaxing, calming, minimal. Synth pad, nature sounds, birds chirping, percussion, hi hat, kick drum Download Track-Cuesheet
20 Time On Mars 05:08 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, dark, building, slow tempo, mysterious, moody, emotional, tense tension, space, suspense, minimal, abstract. Synth, synth pad, lo-fi electronic beats, analog drum machine, glitch. Download Track-Cuesheet
21 Where The Ocean Meets The Sky 01:05 Ambient ethereal. Airy, light, warm, pretty, atmospheric, minimal, simple, positive, calming, relaxing, feel good, slow tempo, major. Piano, synth pad, Wurlitzer electric piano, vocal pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
22 Night Meets Day 04:33 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, percussive, repetitive, gamelan, exotic, international, world, cinematic, pensive, thoughtful, reflective, slow tempo, minor. Gamelan, bells, vibes, vibraphone, glockenspiel, pitched percussion, celeste. Download Track-Cuesheet
23 Cold Dark Night 01:40 Ambient ethereal. Abstract, minimal, electronic, 1980s 80's, repetitive, cinematic, dramatic, mysterious, major, slow tempo. Synth, synth pad, electronic beats, synth bass. Download Track-Cuesheet
24 The Plains States 01:01 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, light, Western, sparse, landscape, pensive, thoughtful, cinematic, simple. Electric reverb guitar, delay, tremolo. Download Track-Cuesheet
25 Entering The Mystery Temple 01:30 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, trip hop, electronic, exotic, international, world, slow tempo, minor, dark, moody, mysterious, cinematic. Electronic beats, synth pad, hand claps, wordless male vocal. Download Track-Cuesheet
26 The Only Reason 01:36 Ambient ethereal. Sparse, slow tempo, warm, positive, minimal, simple, cinematic, relaxing, calming, building. Rhodes electric piano, electronic beats, strings. Download Track-Cuesheet
27 Only One On The Roads 00:48 Ambient ethereal. Sparse, simple, minimal, moody, emotional, slow tempo, minor, reflective, pensive. Rhodes electric piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
28 In Between Sets 02:04 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, dark, urban, menacing, abstract, trip hop, slow tempo, minor, minimal. Synth, beats, breakbeats, vinyl record scratches scratching, electric bass, male vocal samples. Download Track-Cuesheet
29 The Windswept Prairie 02:03 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, sparse, airy, moody, emotional, dark, cinematic, Western, desert, landscape, slow tempo, minor. Electric tremolo guitar, guitar harmonics, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
30 Decision and Judgement 01:43 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, sparse, airy, moody, emotional, cinematic, dark, minor, very slow tempo, landscape, Western, building, dramatic. Electric tremolo guitar, synth pad, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, pitched percussion, strings. Download Track-Cuesheet
31 Moments Left To Chance 00:58 Ambient ethereal. Warm, airy, light, dreamy, minimal, slow tempo, minor, simple, cinematic, pensive, thoughtful, reflective, introspective. Piano, glockenspiel, cello, marimba, strings, oboe. Download Track-Cuesheet
32 Wandering Through Time 03:02 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, trip hop, slow tempo, dreamy, minimal, electronic, cinematic, dramatic, moody, dark, groovy. Electronic beats, synth bass, male vocal pad, synth, electronic elements. Download Track-Cuesheet
33 Stained Glass Rarefaction 00:50 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, floating, light, dreamy, new age, warm, positive, relaxing, calming, building, slow tempo, major. Synth pad, acoustic guitar, acoustic upright bass, wordless female opera vocal, electronic elements, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
34 Red Rock Sunset 01:04 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, cinematic, pensive, emotional, dark, moody, slow tempo, minor, sparse, simple, Western, landscape. Synth pad, electric tremolo guitar, distorted electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
35 The Journey Home 01:30 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, moody, cinematic, pensive, emotional, thoughtful, reflective, slow tempo, minor turning to major, sparse, dreamy. Piano, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
36 Asleep In The Park 01:22 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, sparse, airy, light, dreamy, warm, positive, relaxing, calming, slow tempo, major, uplifting. Electric tremolo guitar, electric bass, guitar harmonics. Download Track-Cuesheet
37 Confluence 01:18 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, dreamy, trip hop, mellow, calming, relaxing, warm, positive, slow tempo, minor, electronic, new age. Synth pad, electric guitar, wordless female vocal, electronic beats, Rhodes electric piano, electric bass. Download Track-Cuesheet
38 Alone In Thought 03:31 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, moody, dark, cinematic, pensive, thoughtful, reflective, emotional, abstract, electronic. Electronic beats, synth, Rhodes electric piano, synth bass, feedback. Download Track-Cuesheet
39 Cleansing Waters 01:06 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, sparse, airy, light, dreamy, cinematic, warm, minimal, positive, slow tempo, major, relaxing, new age, calming. Ebow electric guitar, delay, piano, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
40 Mechanical Movements 01:00 Ambient ethereal. Abstract, electronic, minimal, dark, medium tempo, glitch, robotic, moody, repetitive, science, technology. Electronic beats, synth, electronic elements. Download Track-Cuesheet
41 Elysium 07:30 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, slow tempo, minimal, cinematic, minor, moody, dark, abstract, science fiction sci fi. Synth, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
42 Automation 01:01 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, electronic, trip hop, robotic, simple, repetitive, glitch, science, technology, minor, medium tempo. Electronic beats, synth, electronic elements, hand claps, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
43 Mission Statement 01:07 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, airy, minimal, warm, new age, positive, science, technology, medium tempo, major, bright, corporate. Synth pad, electronic beats, electronic percussion. Download Track-Cuesheet
44 If We Only Could 00:30 Ambient ethereal. Minimal, simple, medium tempo, minor, pensive, thoughtful, reflective, dramatic, emotional, building. Acoustic guitar, electric bass, synth, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
45 Experiencing Heavy Rain 05:46 Ambient ethereal. Percussive, atmospheric, cinematic, dramatic, mysterious, moody, dark, exotic, international, medium tempo, minor. Percussion, tribal drums, djembe, bell tree, rainstick, shaker, vocal pad, bongos, electric bass, shaker, wood flute. Download Track-Cuesheet
46 The Stars Shine On 00:33 Ambient ethereal. Exotic, atmospheric, airy, fast tempo, major, quirky, abstract, trip hop, breakbeat, nu jazz, jazzy, cool. Acoustic upright bass, synth pad, dulcimer, bells, beats, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
47 Warm Spring Rain 00:32 Ambient ethereal. Sparse, minimal, atmospheric, dark, cinematic, reflective, building, climactic. Electric tremolo guitar, glockenspiel, electric bass, drums, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
48 Solar Ambience 01:04 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, minimal, airy, light, slow tempo, warm, positive, relaxing, calming, new age, spa, major. Synth pad, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
49 Finally Through The Mountains 01:22 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, minimal, sparse, cinematic, slow tempo, distant, open, landscape, major, thoughtful, pensive, reflective, positive. Synth pad, electric reverb guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
50 After The Dust Storm 01:02 Ambient ethereal. Atmospheric, minimal, airy, cinematic, exotic, international, dramatic, mysterious, slow tempo, minor, world, landscape. Synth pad, world percussion, Middle Eastern male and female vocal samples, shaker, timpani, flute, ney. Download Track-Cuesheet
Album Description:

Ethereal, ambient soundscapes