// rsm172 Beat Symphonic Vol. 2 //
01 Cross Fade 02:31 Positive moving string lines with heavy beats and string runs. Download Track-Cuesheet
02 Ocean Way 02:36 Drifting emotional string phrases with drums and French horn backing. Download Track-Cuesheet
03 Into Temptation 02:37 Dark synth bass line with brooding orchestral strings and cinematic underscore. Download Track-Cuesheet
04 Maxim 02:20 Epic soaring string lines supported by timpani'_?ìs and orchestral drums. Download Track-Cuesheet
05 Shooting Stars 02:29 Strong melodic strings with insistent underscore and beats Download Track-Cuesheet
06 Expose 02:58 Dramatic strings and brass lines with orchestral percussion. Download Track-Cuesheet
07 Celtic Dawn 02:28 Gaelic flavoured guitar and harp with powerful positive strings and uilleann pipe. Download Track-Cuesheet
08 A New Hope 02:21 Full, drifting positive string lines with heavy guitar and beats. Download Track-Cuesheet
09 The Homecoming 02:26 Epic landscape orchestra with emotional legato strings and brass. Download Track-Cuesheet
10 The Heat Of The Sun 01:49 Quirky spaghetti western style strings, tubular bells and acoustic guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
11 Declaration 02:28 Insistent synth backing with edgy cinematic style strings and beats. Download Track-Cuesheet
12 Look To The Stars 02:06 Simple direct string melody and arrangement with strong guitar and drums. Download Track-Cuesheet
13 Celestial 02:48 Delicate percussion with subtle, ethereal, flowing string and woodwind phrases. Download Track-Cuesheet
14 The Advantage Of Two 02:18 Ambient prepared piano leading into heavy, strong orchestral phrases with beats. Download Track-Cuesheet
15 The Visitors 02:09 Subtle string quartet with driven drum and orchestral backing. Download Track-Cuesheet
Album Description:

A fusion of orchestra and dance. Contemporary orchestral pieces with modern beats, from light uplifting and minimal to heavy powerful & driven tunes