// 4em164 Dark Drama: Breaking Point //
01 Not In Unison 02:10 This pulsing, building cinematic cue creates a escalating sense of scale and high stakes with a widescreen, emotive hybrid textural palette. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
02 Breaking Crime 01:58 Relentless pressure and pace build tension throughout this dark, driving underscore piece. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
03 Solving The Mystery 01:34 Gritty, aggressive synths create a sense of danger and modern style to this suspenseful investigative cue. Marcato strings add a classy intensity to the steady driving pace. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
04 Call For Help 02:00 This unsettling, melancholy minimalist piece uses pulsing synths and strings to create an emotional sense of mystery and loss. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
05 A Desolate Picture 01:38 Ominous, grave piano and percussion create a reflective, investigative tension on this dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
06 Lock Down 02:03 This tense, driving hybrid orchestral cue uses steady marcato strings and intriguing, techie synth figures to create an investigative modern suspense. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
07 No Escape 01:53 This mysterious, worldly, intriguing cue uses a subtle percussive pulse and a hammer dulcimer lead to create a dark, cool dignified investigative sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
08 Urgent Pulse 01:55 Pulsing darkness and tense reflective melancholy fill this fast-paced, grave underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
09 Black Horizon 01:55 This tense, mysterious, unsettling cue uses a curious and disturbing piano melody and tense, pulsing synths and percussion to create a cool investigative mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
10 Skills In Motion 02:10 Tense, analytical pulses break into excited, intriguing mallets on this pacey, building investigative action cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
11 Noxious Venom 01:43 Poisonous, unsettling synthetic arpeggios and oppressive, percussive atmosphere creates a deadly tension in this urgent, dark track. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
12 Preparing For The Worst 01:55 This tense, pulsing dark underscore cue uses steady synths and flowing, anxious pads to create a suspenseful modern sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Intriguing Investigation
13 Purge Dissent 01:33 Grave yet exciting orchestral percussion and a dark bass pulse create a mood of conflict and escalating tension on this building hybrid cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
14 Conviction 01:38 This driving, serious, urgent orchestral hybrid track has a grave, insistent piano, marcato strings and cinematic percussion. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
15 Following 01:34 Urgent, dangerous strings arpeggios create a sense of pace and push in this escalating, tense dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
16 The Seed 01:54 This driving, menacing textural dark underscore cue builds an ominous synth pulse into a creepy, foreboding piano melody in the second half. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
17 Stopwatch 02:10 Intense, driving pace and urgent synth arpeggios underpin this sweeping, grave tension cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
18 Beyond The Shadows 01:45 Pounding drum hits and tense synths create action-packed driving motion in this menacing, forceful dark cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
19 Imminent Danger 01:41 Pulsing, menacing mallets and flowing, dark strings create a fleeting, urgent tension in this unsettling tense underscore. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
20 Inside The Woods 01:52 This tense track starts off eerie and ominous and builds with dark, cinematic percussion and reverberating guitar into a fever pitch of threatening, frightening action. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
21 Murder In The Keys 02:14 This fleeting, cinematic dark underscore cues features a relentless urgency and ambiance. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
22 The Cove 02:07 This epic, driving cue features percussive guitar and drums, sweeping strings, and relentless tension. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
23 Pacemaker 02:09 Fast-paced synth and drums create a sophisticated, urgent tension on this driving dark cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
24 Palpitations 01:33 This grave, serious, dangerous-sounding track has pace and escalating tension. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
25 Running Nightmare 01:39 Tense, dark synth bass and creepy piano figures create a menacing drive on this urgent dark cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Impending Conflict
Album Description:

This album sets the stage for pacey and tense mysteries as they move from high stakes investigation to deadly confrontation. Whether in darkened toolsheds and basements, on encrypted hard drives or in remote areas with black-op bases, the high tension search for clues can quickly become a high speed chase or an all out showdown, and these tracks offer a stylish modern take on tension and suspense blending pulsing synth sounds and percussion with high stakes intensity on acoustic instruments.