// 4em165 Dark Drama: Nagging Doubts //
01 Rings In The Water 02:03 This simmering, sweeping, moody cue uses subtle synth pulses and eerie ambiance to set the stage for emotive, searching strings, creating a dignified mysterious vibe. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
02 No Turning Back 01:49 Melancholy, eerie piano introduces this dark and somber underscore cue for regrets and mysterious losses. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
03 Bitcoin 02:09 Mysterious, active percussion and synth arpeggios create a searching, tense investigative mood on this agile techie underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
04 Emotional Fatigue 01:39 Tense, uneasy harp arpeggios and subtle pulsing percussion create a mysterious, somber mood on this dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
05 Survival Instincts 01:42 Tense synth percussion and somber piano creates an intriguing melancholy mood on this steady, patient dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
06 Shallow Pulse 02:13 This eerie, spacious, tense cue rides on a subtle synth pulse, with waves of rippling, transcendental guitar and piano conjuring yearning, reflective emotion. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
07 Getting The News 01:58 Melancholy tension from somber piano chords and dark, brooding synths characterize this emotive dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
08 Haunting Story 01:42 This somber, steady cue uses repeated pulses and patient, spacious piano melody to create a melancholy, mysterious mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
09 Pressure 02:18 Worrying synth pulses create a nervous, ominous energy on this emotional dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Concern
10 Fear The Darkness 01:50 This unsettling, suspenseful ambient soundscape is punctuated by a repeated harp figure and drifting, ominous tonalities. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
11 Skull Submerged 01:40 This ominous, dread-filled piece has a relentless, throbbing low drone and reflective, tense piano figures. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
12 Conspiracy Lies 02:04 This droney, reflective cue creates an intriguing and mysterious mood, accented by dark hits. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
13 Dimming Hopes 01:39 This steady, somber investigative cue has a patient, intriguing sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
14 Growing Animosity 01:45 This threatening investigative cue has a stready, pulsing rhythm and an ominous, dark mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
15 Secrets And Lies 02:14 This grave and dark orchestral hybrid cue has a serious and concerned tension and a creeping, brooding energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
16 Risky Manuever 01:53 This ominous, steady dark underscore cue has brooding, serious tension. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possiblities
17 Field Of Secrets 01:37 This steady, mysterious investigative cue uses tense piano accents and an even, ominous drone to create a dark mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
18 Tragic Toll 01:46 This subtle and somber ambient dark underscore cue has a slow and simple pulse for serious, delicate situations. Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Possibilities
19 Gazing At The Infinite 02:01 This flowing, ambient emotive cue uses gently pulsing synth waves and delicate piano melodies to create a deep psychological space. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
20 Fog Of Conflict 01:36 This fast-paced, urgent dark underscore moves on a relentless pulse of bells. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
21 Unsettling Discovery 02:04 This dark, mysterious ambient cue has shifting droning strings and subtle percussion, creating an uneasy, somber vibe. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
22 Creeping Ivy 01:53 This stealthy, mysterious cue uses patient, curious harp arpeggios and dark, echoing drums to create a simmering investigative mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
23 Uncertain Direction 01:34 This steady, somber and mysterious dark underscore cue uses pulsing synths and thoughtful piano figures to create an investigative mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
24 Cloaked In Mystery 01:51 This mysterious, subtle investigative cue uses gentle swelling and persistent darkness to create a patient, intriguing mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
25 Grim Forecast 01:44 This somber investigative cue uses subtle arpeggios and easing, eerie synths to create a steady, tense mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
26 Look Inward 02:19 This simmering, intriguing ambient cue uses pulsing rhythms and flowing strings to create an uneasy curious mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
27 Hidden Passages 01:53 Eerie, worried darkness keeps a steady, even sound on this patient investigative cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
28 Searching For Answers 01:38 The investigators are onto something... this piece uses harps and mallets to generate a tense anticipation to which modern percussion lends steady pace and energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
29 Lurking In The Shadows 01:43 This patient, pulsing dark underscore cue uses repeating, atmospheric mallet and harp parts to create a somber, searching mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
30 Medical Tension 01:40 This intriguing, synthetic investigative cue creates a curious, involving mood with pulsing arpeggios and flowing synths. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
31 Now We Wait 01:43 This fast-paced, insistent dark underscore cue uses repeating mallet figures and building strings to create an urgent, simmering tension. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
32 Quiet Scrutiny 01:40 This simmering, uneasy mysterious cue keeps its tension and cool with a steady synth pulse. Download Track-Cuesheet Investigative Pace
Album Description:

From the heartfelt yearning for a lost loved one, to the drive to investigate unanswered questions, to the sickening realization of the darkest possibilities of human behavior, this album offers a range of emotional takes on the experience of doubt and worry that pushes us to keep searching.