// 4em168 Dark Drama: Suspect Synthesis //
01 The Night Awaits 01:49 This tense, urgent, simmering synth cue has a mysterious and suspenseful mood, coasting on insistent arpeggios and moody, echoing melody. Download Track-Cuesheet Electric Menace
02 Section Zero 02:15 This tense, rippling dark synth cue has spacious arpeggios, threatening melody, and sense of concerned, suspenseful urgency. Download Track-Cuesheet Electric Menace
03 Uncertain Times 02:15 This tense, confrontational synth cue has aggressive rhythms and a building, dynamic suspense. Download Track-Cuesheet Electric Menace
04 Inside Out 02:00 This steady, urgent investigative cue has an eerie, synthetic mystery and building drive, adding percussion in the second half. Download Track-Cuesheet Electric Menace
05 Constant State 01:47 This tense, serious, synthetic dark underscore has a grave but exciting pace and tension with lively synths and a steady darkness. Download Track-Cuesheet Electric Menace
06 A Dangerous Past 01:35 Tense pulsing synths and a concerned, serious mood create a dark, uneasy atmosphere on this restrained underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Electric Menace
07 Final Approach 01:58 This ominous, somber dark underscore cue has a spacious atmosphere with synth strings stretched over a steady, menacing pulse. Download Track-Cuesheet Somber Machines
08 Buried Alive 01:58 This somber, melancholy dark underscore has a deep, emotional tone within a swirl of mystery. Download Track-Cuesheet Somber Machines
09 The Paper Trail 02:02 Subtle, spacious, tense synth pulses create an atmospheric, nearly clinical tension with a hints of concern on this modern dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Somber Machines
10 Secret Life 02:07 This tense, building dark underscore cue uses escalating synth arpeggios, tense percussion and spacious melody to create an urgent, intriguing tension. Download Track-Cuesheet Somber Machines
11 Dark Cycles 01:48 Mysterious, unsettling, yet exciting synth pulses and guitar melody create a moody, synthetic darkness on this textural dark underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Mysterious Currents
12 Shadow And Stealth 02:03 This eerie, atmospheric cue uses tense yet restrained guitar and flowing textured synths to create a reflective yet suspenseful dark underscore sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Mysterious Currents
13 Mysterious Signal 01:57 Tense synth pulses and grand synthetic hits create a dystopian darkness in this uneasy, ominous, mysterious cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Mysterious Currents
14 Lost At Night 01:39 This tense, pulsing synth underscore cue has a focused, relentless threatening mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Mysterious Currents
Album Description:

Mysterious synth pulses and ambient spaces abound in this intriguing, unsettling, moody collection of dark underscore cues. These evocative pieces balance equal parts clinical electronic tension with gritty psychological atmosphere.