// 4em163 Emotional Drama: Curiosity & Focus //
01 The Reawakening 01:30 Dignified, patient piano patterns unfold with a wondering, open-eyed curiousity on this restrained, piano-led chamber cue. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
02 Story Of A Beginning 01:51 Curious and expectant piano figures introduce this thoughtful, track before pizzicato strings add energy to this dignified, cinematic light underscore track. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
03 Sky Sight 02:12 This sophisticated, gentle neo-classical cue uses insistent harp and swelling strings to create an elegant optimism. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
04 Rise Up 01:49 Elegant, bittersweet piano figures introduce this reflective,emotive, energetic neoclassical hybrid cue. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
05 Balanced Momentum 01:56 This curious, thoughtful mallet-based cue has an intriguing, spacious energy. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
06 Good Morning Mr. Marimba 01:51 Reflective, modern wonder pulses out of this curious, light, cinematic cue. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
07 Whimsical Curiosity 01:44 This whimsical, slightly off-kilter waltz track creates a dignified eccentricity suitable for the curious corners of the world. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
08 Minimal Waiting 01:44 This gentle yet insistent orchestral light underscore has a dignified, driving pulse to it, creating an optimistic, hopeful mood. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
09 Binoculars 02:19 This mysterious, curious light investigative cue has a fun yet enigmatic intrigue. Download Track-Cuesheet New Dimensions
10 Metal Shop 01:36 This curious, thoughtful modern cue uses a building electronic palette to create an expansive, fresh-sounding excitement and optimism. Download Track-Cuesheet Eyes Wide Open
11 Sojourn 02:04 Peaceful, thoughtful, warm guitars create a calm and reflective mood on this gentle underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Eyes Wide Open
12 Photos Of The Past 02:06 This reflective, atmospheric cue uses gentle, patient piano melody building into transcendental strings, creating a thoughtful, sophisticated mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Eyes Wide Open
13 A Wistful Moment 01:33 Reflective, thoughtful piano and harp intervals create a hopeful, curious space in this gentle underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Eyes Wide Open
14 Inside The Piano 01:34 This sophisticated ambient modern light underscore is both calm and intriguing. Download Track-Cuesheet Eyes Wide Open
15 A Peaceful Place 02:04 This gentle, reflective cue uses sustained string tension and thoughtful piano and harp figures to create a calm, subtly emotional mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Eyes Wide Open
16 In An Empty Room 02:00 Reflective harp pulses and gentle, bittersweet strings create a calming, emotive space for contemplation on this delicate yet yearning track. Download Track-Cuesheet Eyes Wide Open
17 Climbing Ivy 02:40 Gentle, thoughtful piano figures develop with a reflective, melancholy melody in this inviting, sparse, sophisticated underscore cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
18 Living Organism 02:08 This pulsing, psychological cue uses spacious and propulsive synths to create a deeply reflective hypnotic drive. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
19 Subtle Ascent 01:40 Lightly pulsing electronic elements give forward motion to the thoughtful melodic writing in this cut. Ambient spaces are left in the arrangement for reflective moments, and the strings lend a sense of yearning. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
20 Uncertain Future 01:40 An ascending progression and lilting strings create a yearning, wistful melancholy on this urgent, concerned emotional orchestral cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
21 Forewarning 01:39 Delicate, flowing pads and bouncing mallets support reflective, thoughtful piano melodies in this subtly tense, curious cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
22 In A Dream 01:39 Curious, arpeggiated mallets have a sophisticated, reserved modern sound cut with a bittersweet dash of melancholy. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
23 Morning Mist 01:53 Subtle, reflective piano phrases and even, soft strings create a thoughtful, gently bittersweet mood on this sophisticated modern underscore. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
24 Looking Glass 01:33 Delicate percussive elements create a steady pace and a sense of light tension, but there is a brightness to the melody and the quality of the instruments that keeps a sense that hope is alive during a tense time. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
25 Misunderstood 01:54 This ambient, arpeggiated synth and mallet piece has a patient, hypnotic curiosity and mystery. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
26 Secret Places 01:40 This cut uses modern ambient textures light pulsation and thoughtful sparse piano writing to create a reflective mood that retains objectivity while expressing emotional gravity. Download Track-Cuesheet Sensitive Topics
Album Description:

This thoughtful, intriguing collection of curious and sophisticated cues has a documentary focus with a dash of elevated excitement, for compelling, energizing storytelling and exploration.