// din042 Feel Good-Uplifting, Volume 7 //
01 Flickering Candles 02:04 Pop adult contemporary. Sparse, ambient, warm, minimal, building, medium tempo, sunny, bright, uplifting, major, green, positive, friendly, inviting, abstract, modern, laptop folktronica. Acoustic guitar, synth, strings, electronic beats, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
02 Stay Green 00:37 Pop rock. Modern, medium tempo, major, warm, indie, abstract, bright, sunny, upbeat, energetic, carefree, positive, friendly, inviting, hip, contemporary. Acoustic guitar, synth, electronic elements, drums, electric bass, tambourine, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
03 The Life Of Bees 00:37 Pop adult contemporary. Medium tempo, atmospheric, airy, light, building, warm, bright, sunny, major, uplifting. Synth pad, acoustic guitar, electric bass, electronic beats, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
04 Trip To The Zoo 02:00 Folk pop. Warm, medium tempo, major, gentle, sunny, sentimental, pretty, uplifting, emotional, positive, green, nostalgic, tender, caring. Acoustic guitar, electric piano, electric bass, drums, Mellotron flutes, strings. Download Track-Cuesheet
05 Two Hand Touch 02:03 Adult contemporary orchestral. Warm, cinematic, emotional, building, medium tempo, positive, uplifting, green, atmospheric, airy, light, bright, gentle, caring, major. Acoustic guitar, synth pad, upright bass, piano, beats, strings, nylon string guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
06 Freckles 01:01 Pop adult contemporary. Warm, medium tempo, major, light, sunny, bright, carefree, fun, playful, upbeat, friendly, inviting. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, bongos, congas, organ, hand claps, shaker. Download Track-Cuesheet
07 Fun With Mallets 00:34 Folk quirky pop. Warm, slow tempo, major, bright, sunny, light, positive, friendly, inviting, simple, airy. Xylophone, acoustic guitar, synth pad, triangle, marimba, flute, oboe, glockenspiel. Download Track-Cuesheet
08 Go For A Walk 01:00 Folk pop. Warm, medium tempo, major, bright, sunny, light, carefree, positive, friendly, inviting, simple, bouncy. Acoustic guitar, piano, tambourine, electric bass, Rhodes electric piano, strings, shaker. Download Track-Cuesheet
09 Sweet Sorrow 00:31 Pop orchestral. Slow tempo, warm, gentle, emotional, wistful, poignant, atmospheric, airy, major. Electric guitar, harp, synth pad, celeste, electric bass, strings. Download Track-Cuesheet
10 Standing In The Surf 00:45 Folk quirky pop. Slow tempo, warm, sunny, bright, positive, friendly, inviting, major, simple, tropical, island. Acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, glockenspiel, electric bass, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
11 Warm Pop Bed 01:04 Pop adult contemporary. Medium tempo, major, positive, bright, sunny, light, airy, friendly, inviting, warm, simple, bed, waltz. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ, drums, piano, electric bass, shaker. Download Track-Cuesheet
12 Beachcombing 00:31 Folk. Warm, Hawaiian, Latin, slow tempo, simple, tropical, sunny, gentle, caring, wistful, pensive, major, light, airy, relaxed, mellow, laid back. Acoustic guitar, nylon string acoustic guitar, acoustic upright bass, organ. Download Track-Cuesheet
13 Schools Out 00:40 Pop rock. Energetic, medium tempo, upbeat, light, bright, sunny, carefree, friendly, inviting, fun, happy, bouncy, major. Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, organ, tambourine. Download Track-Cuesheet
14 Low Calorie 00:32 Pop rock. Warm, medium tempo, major, positive, friendly, welcoming, bright, sunny, carefree, light, airy. Acoustic guitar, shaker, electronic beats, drums, fretless bass, electric guitar, vibraphone, vibes. Download Track-Cuesheet
15 Inch Worm 01:00 Folk. Warm, major, slow tempo, positive, friendly, welcoming, kids, children, waltz, gentle, sunny, tender, compassionate. Piano, drums, clarinet, strings, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, bass, flute. Download Track-Cuesheet
16 The Boy Who Did His Homework 00:51 Pop adult contemporary. Slow tempo, positive, tender, compassionate, gentle, major, waltz, 1980s, 80's, after school special, daytime TV, warm, friendly. Piano, shaker, udu, drums, percussion, bongos, congas, violin, flute, bass, acoustic guitar, harp. Download Track-Cuesheet
17 Fat Free Folk Pop 01:00 Folk pop. Upbeat, warm, organic, friendly, fast tempo, major, bright, sunny, carefree, upbeat, fun, playful, young, youthful, indie. Glockenspiel, mandolin, upright bass, drums, shaker, xylophone, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
18 Low Carb Jam 00:30 Pop rock. Medium tempo, light, bright, airy, carefree, poppy, sunny, major, warm, friendly, welcoming, playful joyful, lighthearted, uplifting, innocent. Synth, Rhodes electric piano, bass, drums, tambourine, shaker, glockenspiel. Download Track-Cuesheet
19 Vitamins And Minerals 00:30 Folk. Positive, warm, friendly, medium tempo, building, major, uplifting, carefree, sunny, bright, upbeat, lighthearted, pretty. Acoustic guitar, shaker, bass, drums, hand claps, piano, wordless female vocals, electric piano, tambourine. Download Track-Cuesheet
20 High Fives 00:30 Folk pop. Warm, medium tempo, major, bright, sunny, carefree, positive, friendly, inviting, light, bouncy, upbeat. Acoustic guitar, bass, drums, wordless female vocals, hand claps, piano, bell tree. Download Track-Cuesheet
21 Under The Cherry Tree 00:31 Folk pop. Warm, organic, medium tempo, major, positive, sunny, bright, carefree, building, upbeat, young, youthful. Acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, glockenspiel, finger snaps, drums, piano, bass, mellotron. Download Track-Cuesheet
22 Apple Picking 00:30 Pop rock. Warm, organic, medium tempo, major, folky, bright, sunny, positive, friendly, light, welcoming, building. Acoustic guitar, bass, tambourine, wordless male vocals, mandolin, drums, Rhodes electric piano, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
23 Cat Napping 01:01 Ambient pop. Warm, bed, medium tempo, major, new age, sunny, bright, positive, welcoming, light, airy, atmospheric, gentle, pretty. Piano, strings. Download Track-Cuesheet
24 Gummy Bears 00:30 Electronic pop. Warm, sunny, bright, carefree, positive, uplifting, medium tempo, major, friendly, light, airy. Synth, acoustic guitar, electronic beats, piano, strings, synth bass. Download Track-Cuesheet
25 The Poor Rich Man 00:31 Folk pop. Warm, friendly, slow tempo, major, playful, fun, quirky, light, indie, bright, sunny, carefree, organic, out of tune. Acoustic guitar, tambourine, organ, music box, shaker, hand claps, bass, drums. Download Track-Cuesheet
26 Goldfish 02:04 Folk pop. Warm, friendly, quirky, slow tempo, simple, major, sunny, light, bright, carefree, indie, organic, green, positive, inviting, innocent. Acoustic guitar, hand claps, shaker, piano, brushes, drums, upright bass. Download Track-Cuesheet
27 Banana Pancakes 01:01 Indie pop. Folky, light, medium tempo, major, quirky, positive, organic, carefree, fun, playful, simple, sunny, indie, inviting, green, pretty, freak folk. Bilhold folding pump organ, accordion, acoustic guitar, finger snaps, shaker, kick drum, toy piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
28 Just In Time 01:01 Folk adult contemporary. Atmospheric, light, new age, dreamy, medium tempo, major, building, warm, friendly, bright, positive, tender, gentle, optimistic, inviting. Acoustic guitar, piano, synth pad, strings, shaker, drums, bass. Download Track-Cuesheet
29 Honey Combs 00:30 Acoustic pop. Medium tempo, major, upbeat, fun, carefree, sunny, bright, light, bouncy, friendly, simple, positive. Acoustic guitar, piano, strings, drums, bass, finger snaps. Download Track-Cuesheet
30 Bottle Caps 02:00 Acoustic pop. Medium tempo, major, light, bright, carefree, sunny, fun, playful, quirky, folky, simple, friendly. Acoustic guitar, whistling, drums, bass, piano, organ, clean electric guitar, tremolo guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
31 The Curious Puppy 01:00 Ambient pop. Light, atmospheric, world, uplifting, building, medium tempo, major, airy, positive, inquisitive, corporate, green, optimistic, positive. Xylophone, marimba, percussion, hand drums, tambourine, pizzicato strings, piano, shaker, strings. Download Track-Cuesheet
32 Candy Corn 00:30 Folk. Slow tempo, warm, major, positive, friendly, organic, sunny, bright, relaxed, laid back, mellow, green. Acoustic guitar, electric tremolo guitar, percussion, hand drums, mandolin, fretless bass, drums, bongos, congas, tambourine. Download Track-Cuesheet
33 Fun Dip 00:28 Quirky folk. Medium tempo, major, playful, organic, kids, children, young, youthful, sunny, bright, bouncy. Piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass, hand percussion. Download Track-Cuesheet
34 Lemon Zest 00:30 Acoustic pop. Light, warm, positive, friendly, sunny, carefree, bright, welcoming, medium tempo, major, airy, green, positive. Acoustic guitar, tambourine snare brushes, drums, reverse piano, bass, piano, bell tree, organ, triangle, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
35 Old Brick House 00:32 Adult contemporary pop. Warm, relaxed, slow tempo, waltz, major, bright, sunny, tender, compassionate, mellow, calming. Piano, drums, reverse piano, bass, shaker, acoustic guitar, xylophone, glockenspiel, snare brushes, strings, triangle. Download Track-Cuesheet
36 Now or Later 00:30 Acoustic pop rock. Fast tempo, major, light, sunny, carefree, bright, upbeat, simple, playful, fun, friendly, bouncy. Acoustic guitar, bass, snare brushes, drums, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
37 Taking A Bath In Gold 02:02 Folk. Light, airy, slow tempo, major, tender, compassionate, touching, spa, bed, simple, positive, welcoming, warm, easy listening. Acoustic guitar, bass, synth, drums, shaker, piano, strings, synth pad. Download Track-Cuesheet
38 View Of The Water 00:29 Ambient pop. Warm, slow tempo, airy, atmospheric, ambient, minimal, major, light, compassionate, new age, ethereal. Piano, synth pad, synth. Download Track-Cuesheet
39 Torn Jeans 01:03 Ambient alternative rock. Slow tempo, shoegaze, downtempo, indie mellow, relaxed, laid back, light, airy, atmospheric, major, warm, dreamy, moody. Synth, bass, drums, Rhodes electric piano, electric reverb guitar, electronic beats, strings, harp. Download Track-Cuesheet
40 The Dancing Baby 00:30 Quirky pop. Medium tempo, major, sparse, simple, fun, playful, young, youthful, kids, children, comical, minimalist, light. Piano, shaker. Download Track-Cuesheet
41 Powernap 00:30 Quirky pop. Medium tempo, sparse, simple, major, fun, playful, young, youthful, kids, children, comical, changing, light. Pizzicato strings, piano, castanets, upright bass, vibraphone, vibes, guiro, woodblock, snare brushes. Download Track-Cuesheet
42 Right On Cue 00:30 Acoustic pop. Warm, organic, medium tempo, major, upbeat, positive, sunny, bright, fun, carefree, simple, friendly, bouncy, light. Acoustic guitar, snare brushes, drums, upright bass, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
43 Family Values 01:00 Adult contemporary pop. Daytime TV, after school special, soap opera, cheesy, 1980s, 80's, broadcast news theme, medium tempo, major. Piano, acoustic guitar, fretless bass, drums, synth, strings, percussion, bongos, congas, French horn, bell tree. Download Track-Cuesheet
44 Ring Pop 00:32 Acoustic pop rock. Upbeat, medium tempo, major, positive, carefree, sunny, bright, light, organic, fun, friendly, bouncy, catchy. Acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, synth, strings, drums, bass, tambourine, piano. Download Track-Cuesheet
45 Chewing The Best Gum On Earth 00:31 Pop rock. Fast tempo, major, bright, sunny, carefree, positive, friendly, warm, upbeat, light, organic, feminine, pretty. Piano, acoustic guitar, drums, upright bass, shaker, wordless female vocals. Download Track-Cuesheet
46 Cloud Haus 00:31 Pop rock. Fast tempo, poppy, major, bright, sunny, carefree, positive, friendly, upbeat, fun, playful, young, youthful. Rhodes electric piano, wordless male vocals, acoustic guitar, strings, bass, drums, hand claps, glockenspiel, synth. Download Track-Cuesheet
47 Here's To Friendship 01:00 Folk. Slow tempo, minor to major, minimal, sparse, waltz, pretty, lilting, lullaby, warm, light, nostalgic, tender, compassionate, uplifting, simple, touching. Piano, acoustic guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
48 Do Do Do 02:10 Pop rock. Fast tempo, upbeat, fun, playful, carefree, major, bright, sunny, positive, poppy, bouncy. Wordless male vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, bass, drums, electric guitar, vibraphone, vibes, organ. Download Track-Cuesheet
49 Running Off The Leash 02:07 Adult contemporary pop. Medium tempo, major, light, bright, positive, friendly, welcoming, touching, carefree, pretty, sunny, warm, uplifting. Acoustic guitar, drums, piano, mellotron, celeste, shaker, bass, percussion, bongos, strings, electric guitar. Download Track-Cuesheet
Album Description:

Light, happy, uplifting tracks.