// bcp011 Light & Sunny //
01 Frolicking Friends 01:00 Children, Family, Kazoo, Piano, Whistles, Fun, Happy, Play Time, Pets, Animals, Goofy, Comedy, Joking, Pranks, Clowns, Party, Celebration Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
02 Fun Fun Holiday 00:36 Indie Rock, Pop Rock, Holiday, Christmas, Fun, Kids, Happiness, Celebration, Cool, Winter, Wonderland Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
03 Nice Neighborhood 01:00 Piano, Strings, Drums, Bass, Happy, Comforting, Insuring, Clarinet, Assurance Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
04 Rise To Glory 01:01 Rock, Indie, Pop Rock, Piano, Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Synthesizer, Strings, Sports, Olympics, Uplifting, Encouraging, Motivating, Inspiration, Driving, Moving, Love, Feelings Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
05 Romantic Interference 01:37 Piano, Strings, Orchestra, Upright Bass, Happy, Uplifting, Positive, Score, Soundtrack, Relaxing, Calming, Comforting Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
06 Sidewalk Chalk 01:00 Pop, Upbeat, Happy, Ukulele, Piano, Drums, Bass, Happy-Go-Lucky, Fun, Jubilant, Claps Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
07 The Cool 01:00 Holiday, Indie, Indie Pop, Bells, Christmas, Synth, Drums, Jingle Bells, Cool, Vibe, Old Navy, Fun Holiday Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
08 Ashes 03:13 Rock, Indie, Indie Rock, Positive, Uplifting, Synth, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Male Vocals, Simple Minds Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
09 Far Away 02:52 Rock, Indie, Indie Rock, Positive, Uplifting, Synth, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Male Vocals, Simple Minds Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
10 Everybody Sing Along 02:47 Fun, Indie, Pop, Indie Pop, Synth Pop, Owl City, Smooth, Positive, Happy, Sing Along, Everybody Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
11 Smile 03:54 Fun, Indie, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Weird, Strange Vocals, Spunky, Spunk, Quirky, Interesting, Energetic, Moving, Young, Hip Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
12 Summer Time 03:08 Fun, Indie, Indie Pop, Pop, Claps, Summer Time, Fun, Beach, Thong, Relaxing, Soothing, Rest, Sweet Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
13 Getaway 03:19 Indie, Pop, Indie Pop, Pop Rock, Sun, Fun, Summer, Neighborhood, Friends, Swimming, Free Time, Feel Good, Fun, Memories, Heaven, Guitar, Male Vocals, Piano Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
14 Way Out 03:47 Indie, Pop, Indie Pop, Pop Rock, Relaxing, Whistles, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Calming, Soothing, Male Vocals, Reverb Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
15 Three Month Weekend 03:25 California, Weekend, Pop, LA, Surf, Los Angeles, Sand, Beach, Girl Pop, Fun, Teen Pop, Bop, Top 40, Female Vocals, Synth, Summer, Memories, Dreams, Vacation, Catchy, Upbeat, Danceable Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
Album Description:

An album of light and fun pop rock songs, broadcast ready for use in tv, film, commercials and software.