// 4em169 Orchestral: Quartet Classics //
01 Flower Duet From Lakme 03:59 In this tranquil arrangement for string quartet, the classic, flowing melody of the Flower Duet is performed by violins while the viola and cello provide harmonic support. This piece originates from Leo Delibes' opera, Lakmé (1883). Download Track-Cuesheet Full Versions
02 The Celebrated Minuet 02:56 One of Boccherini's best known works, this animated, whimsical string quartet dance in triple meter is perfectly suited for formal, lavish affairs. Download Track-Cuesheet Full Versions
03 El Choclo 03:21 This feisty, sensual string quartet tango features the recognizable melody of this popular 1903 composition above exciting rhythmic figures that are emblematic of the tango. Download Track-Cuesheet Full Versions
04 American Quartet Mvmt II Lento 03:23 This string quartet piece features flowing, pulsing string arpeggios and a main theme filled with longing and melancholy; Dvorak composed this popular piece in 1893 while vacationing in the United States. Download Track-Cuesheet Full Versions
05 The Four Seasons Winter Mvmt II Largo 02:32 In this movement of Winter from Vivaldi's landmark work, The Four Seasons, a delicate violin melody is accompanied by pizzicato strings and a cello pedal tone that keeps the mood grounded. Download Track-Cuesheet Full Versions
Album Description:

This collection of live string quartet music brings together classic quartet pieces and re-interpreted selections for a dignified, sophisticated, old-world sound.