// 4em166 Pop Styles: Dance Rock //
01 New High 01:48 Confident, energetic dance rock with a cool, strutting vibe is the sound on this punchy, sexy rock track. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
02 On The Roof 01:54 Strutting, upbeat, new-wave influenced rock vibes create a positive, cool attitude on this upbeat, fun track. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
03 Under The Lights 01:52 This energetic, fun dance rock track has excitement and attitude to spare. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
04 Lets Do It Now 01:34 This confidence dance rock cue uses a direct, strutting beat and energetic guitars to create serious yet fun rock attitude on this upbeat track. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
05 Jigsaw Swagger 01:47 Strutting dance rock stomp creates a cool, confident energy on this high energy upbeat rock track. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
06 Push The Limit 01:46 This strutting, driving rock track has an energetic dance-rock beat and raw, energetic riffs. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
07 She Never Ever Stops 02:16 This strutting, energetic rock track has surf-y tremolo guitar and a driving, gritty rhythm section. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
08 Trash Mob 01:56 This raucous, upbeat dance rock track has a strutting, relentless energy fitting action with attitude. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
09 Were Gonna Party 01:59 This upbeat, energetic dance rock track has a strutting beat and fun, irreverent punk energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
10 Lets Go Out Tonight 01:33 Strutting electric disco - complete with tight, stylish guitar and punchy synth bass create a glamorous, fun mood on this dance pop track. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
11 Do The Catwalk 01:45 This upbeat, driving rock track has some serious push with a high energy drum beat and some serious fun with a fat-sounding rock organ. Download Track-Cuesheet Strutting Attitude
12 Cali Crasher 01:46 This catchy, upbeat pop track uses tight electric guitar and an energetic beat to create a carefree, exciting pop mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Upbeat & Fun
13 Summer Dreams 02:14 Open-sky electric guitars are joined by a driving, energetic electronic beat on this optimistic, feel-good modern rock track. Download Track-Cuesheet Upbeat & Fun
14 Only Tonight 02:08 This energetic, upbeat, feel good pop track has a glossy, sleek modern dance propulsion. Download Track-Cuesheet Upbeat & Fun
15 Open Doors 02:06 Soulful guitar and a tight, fresh beat create a sexy and hooky dance rock sound on this modern pop instrumental. Download Track-Cuesheet Upbeat & Fun
16 Its Always Summer 02:06 Upbeat, feel good pop rock with a spacious sound creates a slightly throwback classic driving energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Upbeat & Fun
17 Stop Drop And Dance 01:44 This upbeat, high energy dance rock track has a fast-paced drum part, spunky guitars and a catchy, lively synth lead. Download Track-Cuesheet Upbeat & Fun
18 Invincible 01:42 Upbeat, feel-good rock energy creates a lighthearted, youthful excitement on this fun track. Download Track-Cuesheet Upbeat & Fun
Album Description:

This is strutting dance rock with serious swagger. With spiky post-punk guitars, day-glow synths and propulsive, energetic drums, these tracks crackle with rebellious confidence.