// 4em158 Pop Styles: Dance With Me //
01 The Sun 02:08 This euphoric, glamorous electronic pop track has glistening synths and a pumping club-ready beat. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
02 Discotika 02:22 This is a no-nonsense synth-disco groove, full-on fabulous and strutting and minimal with a proper polished stomp. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
03 Star Studded 01:34 This high energy EDM track has a punchy groove, cool, driving leads, and an exciting upbeat party vibe. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
04 Nightcap 01:46 This upbeat, driving dance pop track has bright synths, a propulsive beat, and an energetic, positive mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
05 Summer Girl 01:39 This fresh, bright, spacious dance pop track has a summery, feel-good energy, snappy rhythm guitar, and a catchy bouncing kick drum. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
06 Diamond Stars 02:20 Tight, fun electronic dance sounds create a fun, energetic, approachable sound in this driving dance-pop cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
07 Top Dog 01:43 This upbeat, exciting pop track has a fun, giddy sugary energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
08 One Love 02:05 This polished, shimmering pop groove has a steady electronic beat with wistful, dance floor-ready emotion provided by swelling synths. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
09 Sparkle 01:42 Hopeful synths, emotive piano riffs, and driving dance-pop drums create a fun, uplifting pop vibe on this pumping, upbeat track. Download Track-Cuesheet Dance Pop
10 Summer Doesn't End 01:41 This percussive, poppy midtempo hip hop track has a snappy clap and a catchy, funky synth bass. Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Grooves
11 The Trunk Rattles 02:04 Raucous drums and fat 808s keep this heavy hip hop club jam knocking hard. Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Grooves
12 Get Tipsy 01:42 Playful, tight rhodes and a driving drum set create a sassy fun mood in this groovy funky cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Grooves
13 Cherry Drop 02:02 This exciting urban pop track keeps the mood upbeat and the energy happening with a percussive, clap-happy celebratory sound on this lively groove. Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Grooves
14 Nights In Motion 02:27 This feel-good, new wave-inspired pop track has an upbeat, driving modern sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
15 Flying Free 01:40 This catchy, grooving electronic pop track uses euphoric, glamorous synths to create a rush of feel-good energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
16 Love Me Like I Love You 01:43 This upbeat, inspirational electronic pop track uses synths and piano to create an uplifting, lively modern fun feeling. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
17 Electric Touch 02:18 Bright synth-pop energy, a driving beat, and feel-good guitar and synth riffs carry this upbeat electro-pop track. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
18 Mascara And Blush 01:38 This vibrant, upbeat crossover pop instrumental has an exciting guitar lead over an energetic electronic beat. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
19 Turn Off The Lights 02:00 The strutting, restrained pop verse of this cue explodes into full-on dance pop energy in this accessible electronic track. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
20 Good Times 01:50 Gentle, feel-good four-to-the-floor pop jam creates an upbeat, wide-eyed energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
21 Bubblegum 01:50 This upbeat, feel-good electro pop track has bright, lively synths and a head nodding electronic beat. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
22 Eternal Lights 02:25 Hopeful, celestial pop synths and a cruising, spacious beat create an inspirational canvas for dreams in this electro-pop track. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
23 Taking Off 01:43 Majestic, rippling piano and a pounding kick drum introduce this world-infused uplifting dance pop track. Download Track-Cuesheet Electro Synth Pop
Album Description:

Strutting dance grooves and pop emotion collide in this energetic, youthful collection of fun and upbeat dance-pop tracks. Stylistically ranging from neo-disco to electro to booty bass, these cuts are crafted for good feelings and exciting movement.