// 4em167 Pop Styles: High Rollers //
01 Luxotoner 01:31 This stylish jazzy groove has attitude to spare, creating a cool and expensive-sounding modern swinging sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Stylish Capers
02 On The Rocks 01:48 This cool sophisticated lounge-jazz track has a laid, back, seductive swing to it, for nights out or slick spy games. Download Track-Cuesheet Stylish Capers
03 Upgrader 01:41 This classy, slick electro-swing groove uses a tight upright bass riff and cool sampled drums to create a glamorous, casino-ready off-kilter vibe. Download Track-Cuesheet Stylish Capers
04 Broken Tuxedo 02:16 This grooving, uptempo light jazz piece has a stylish, sophisticated charm and energy. Download Track-Cuesheet Stylish Capers
05 Intergalactic Vegas 01:37 This retro-chic spacey sixties spy-jazz groove creates a fun, lightly suspenseful mood in this quirky energetic cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Stylish Capers
06 Late Night In Memphis 01:31 This cool, laid-back groove track has a tight drum beat and fun, exciting, upbeat horns. Download Track-Cuesheet Stylish Capers
07 Bossa Me 02:07 This energetic, hot Bossa Nova-lounge cue creates a sense of excitement and escalating, tense fun. Download Track-Cuesheet Stylish Capers
08 The Perfect Heist 02:11 This sneaky, cool funk/caper groove has sparse, angular production, playful, tight bass and a stylish, sophisticated mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Play To Win
09 The Spy Who Trembled 01:44 A sneaky, suspenseful cut that uses surf guitar, vibraphone, piano and strings to evoke sophisticated spies or hidden camera tension. Download Track-Cuesheet Play To Win
10 The Man With The Mustache 01:34 This slinky, sneaky drum groove with tight wah guitar and electric piano has a sly, slick, fun mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Play To Win
11 Sneaking Up On You 01:42 This tense, energetic, suave caper-flavored cue has suspenseful tremolo guitar and an insistent, syncopated tom drum rhythm creating a sneaky, cool vibe. Download Track-Cuesheet Play To Win
12 Pandemonium 01:42 Dark, investigative synth and subtle percussion create a creepy, cool crime groove on this suspenseful, subtle cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Play To Win
13 Web Of Lies 01:45 Slinky, snakelike guitar plucks and overt, threatening rhodes create a warning pattern of slightly melancholy darkness in this subtle, investigative cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Play To Win
14 Shop Til It Drops 01:42 This strutting upright bassline and tight triangle shuffle beat create a cool, fun organic house energy - for your buzzing consumer-rush. Download Track-Cuesheet Play To Win
15 The Dust Riders 02:00 This smokey, curious western guitar and drums cue has cool dusty allure and a campy yet slick intrigue. Download Track-Cuesheet Secret Rendezvous
16 Cool Times Ahead 02:00 Upright bass, trumpet, electric guitar, and drums create an authentic cool jazz vibe - sultry and alluring, for high class events or noir investigations. Download Track-Cuesheet Secret Rendezvous
17 In The Alley 01:37 Melancholy, regretful sax, mysterious bass and delicate piano create a sultry, mysterious mood in this slow jazz cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Secret Rendezvous
18 Noir Street 02:10 Seductive, mysterious jazz piano and drums work over a soft pad to create a low-key, atmospheric tension in this noir cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Secret Rendezvous
19 Red Rock Shuffle 01:39 This gritty, dusty rock track has a strutting, half-time beat, rough, fuzzy guitars, and a hint of country-folk Americana. Download Track-Cuesheet Secret Rendezvous
Album Description:

Slick, classy, and sneaky fun can be found in this stylish, sophisticated, sexy collection of retro-leaning groove and caper jazz tracks - ready for the classy intrigue of your next black tie soiree/heist.