// fml232 Retrospective: Works //
01 Water 02:29 Beautiful bursts of flute combined with powerful cello and tense piano parts create a tense and powerful composition Download Track-Cuesheet
02 Garden 02:32 Dynamic and powerful, this track has ebbs and flows to create a tense but exciting atmosphere Download Track-Cuesheet
03 Dream State 02:10 Repetitive, sparse piano stabs and electronic percussion create a calm, hypnotic but simultaneously nervy track Download Track-Cuesheet
04 Deranged 02:08 A strange, off-kilter theme with repetitive horns and out of key piano notes that unsettle you throughout Download Track-Cuesheet
05 Lollop 02:20 With loose drums and lively double bass, this track is a repetitive but jazzy affair Download Track-Cuesheet
06 Waveform 02:26 This seemingly light track significantly builds with the help increasing piano intensity, resulting in a powerful anthem Download Track-Cuesheet
07 Mix It Up 02:42 Bouncy, repetitive strings and sizeable drums create a simple theme, perfect for the likes of dramedy Download Track-Cuesheet
08 Space Walk 02:40 An emotional, electronic composition; drones and sparse synths create an atmosphere tailored for sci-fi Download Track-Cuesheet
09 Cheesy Cupcake 02:20 Simple and light dramedy track with bouncy strings and repetitive xylophone Download Track-Cuesheet
10 Strength 02:43 Military drums, pianos and playful strings come together to create a tense and suspenseful piece Download Track-Cuesheet
Album Description:

A complex and eclectic hybrid of electronica-based hypnotic score.