// bcp004 Speed Booster //
01 Badass Rock 01:27 Riff Rock, Edge, Pump Up, Aggressive, Electric Guitar, Machines, Lifting, Flexing, Steroids, Actions, Explosives, Bombs, Destruction, Adrenaline, Car Crash Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
02 Chink In The Armor 00:30 Upbeat, Fast, Aggressive, Peppy, Rock, Score, Film, Sports Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
03 Flipping Out 02:00 Pop Rock, Rock, Soundtrack, Dark, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Background Music, Riff Rock, Score, Soundtrack, Trucks Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
04 Losing Time 03:52 Rock, Pop Rock, Driving, Electric Guitar, Highway, Drums, Bass, Getaway, Time Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
05 Motocross Madness 01:35 Rock, Pop Rock, Driving, Electric Guitar, Riff Rock, Upbeat, Edge, Sports, Drama, Synth Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
06 On The Rocks 00:50 Rock, Pop Rock, Driving, Theme Song, Commercial, Advertisement, Feel Good, Electric Guitar, Happy, Melodic Hook, Teen, Tween Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
07 Overdrive 01:15 Rock, Riff Rock, Edge, Aggressive, Upbeat, Driving, Badass, Speed, Stunts, Climax, Explosion, Bombs Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
08 The Trucker 02:10 Rock, Upbeat, Driving, Hard Rock, Grunge, Edge, Intense, Upbeat, Pump Up, Sports, Trucks, Soundtrack, Background Music, Speed, Fire, Car Crash, Adrenaline, Stunts, Mission, Bombs Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
09 Frenzied Outburst 02:18 Aggressive, Frantic, Rock, Instrumental, Edge, Crunch, Distortion, Angry, Unsettled, Power Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
10 Skullcrusher 00:57 Aggressive, Edge, Crunch, Punch, Power, Domination, Violence, Anger, Pain, Killing, Electric Guitar, Distortion Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
11 Taken Back 04:15 Frenzied, Silversun Pickups, Electric Guitar, Distortion, Edge, Hard Rock, Lead Guitar, Unsettled, Dramatic, Emotional, Frantic, Speed Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
12 Gotta Win Tonight 01:47 Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Happy, Positive, Driving, Anthem, Theme Song, Television, Sitcom, Electric Guitar Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
13 Hello 04:47 Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Male Vocals, Electric Guitar, Riff Rock, Driving, Angst, Goo Goo Dolls, Collective Soul, Better than Ezra, Relationships, Struggles, Hello, Romance, Desire, Dramatic Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
14 Hold It Down 04:15 Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Midtempo, Emotional, Romance, Relationship, Anthem, Sad, Riff Rock Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
15 So Fine 03:53 Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Upbeat, Riff Rock, Edge, Grit, Grunge, Distortion, Electric Guitar, Happy Postive, Seduction, Romance, Sexy, Hot Girl, Fine Girl, Glamour, Gossip, Sex, Awards, VIPs, Fashion, Hot Spots, Hipster Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
16 When Daddy Comes Home 04:00 Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Upbeat, Riff Rock, Edge, Grit, Grunge, Distortion, Electric Guitar, Happy Postive, Seduction, Romance, Sexy, Hot Girl, Fine Girl, Glamour, Gossip, Sex, Awards, VIPs, Fashion, Hot Spots, Hipster Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
17 Catch You 04:09 Catch You, Falling, Upbeat, Rock, Riff Rock, Alternative Rock, Synth, Male Vocals, Collective Soul, Better Than Ezra, Hipster, Drama Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
18 Don't Believe In Rumors 03:49 Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie, Riff Rock, Sarcasm, Rumors, Health Risks, Food Risks, Aspartame, Cell Phones, Yellow 5, Pregnancy, Male Vocals, Upbeat, Fun, Edge, Grunge Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
19 Geesefeeder 04:06 Upbeat, Rock, Edge, Grunge, Grit, Entertainer, Geese, Play to Crowd, Fun, Riff Rock, Male Vocal, Rock Band, Bass Riff Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
20 Hellhole MA 03:29 Upbeat, Rock, Edge, Grunge, Grit, Ghetto, Rough Area, Crime, High Crime, Neighbors, Roommates, Massachusetts, Spoken Word, Anthem Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
21 One In A Long Line 04:57 Djembe, Acoustic, Grunge, Grit, Dark, Metaphor, Breakup, Whore, Promiscuity, Sadness, Dark, Depressing, Anger, Angry Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
22 Pray For You 06:03 Epic, Anthem, Orchestral, Hard Rock, Edge Rock, Dark Rock, Heartbreak, Insanity, Depressing, Dramatic, Male Vocals, String, Grunge, Grit, Edge, Bass Riff, Disco Beat Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
23 Red Light 04:08 Upbeat, Catchy, Alternative Rock, Driving, Collective Soul, Better Than Ezra, Depression, Obstacles, Moving Forward, Moving On, Resiliency, Male Vocals, Guitar, Lead Guitar Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
24 The Best Thing 04:31 Upbeat, Driving, Catchy, Alternative Rock, Break Up, Relationship, Struggle, Moving on, Moving Out, Male Vocal, Epic, Anthem Download Track-Cuesheet Rock
25 15 Songs On The Radio 04:07 Impatient, Determined, Day Job, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Melodic, Collective Soul, Indie Rock, Ambient, Male Vocals, Strings, Piano, Hipster, Drama Download Track-Cuesheet Pop Rock
26 Cougar 03:29 Sarcastic, Pop Rock, Cougar, Older Lady, Romance, Romantic, Relationship, Funny, Laughing, Young Guy Old Girl, Divorce, SUV, Lifetime Movie, Male Vocal, Harmonies Download Track-Cuesheet Pop Rock
27 Roll Me Over 03:48 Ambient, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock, Male Vocals, Moving On, Moving Through, Roll, Lead Guitar, Delay, U3 Download Track-Cuesheet Pop Rock
28 Settling 03:24 Upbeat, Catchy, Alternative Rock, Melodic, Settling, Relationship, Dramatic, Hooky, Lead Guitar, Piano, Piano Solo, Piano Rock Download Track-Cuesheet Pop Rock
29 Sunlight 04:31 Melodic, Rock, Pop Rock, Grunge, Happy, Love, Falling in Love, Sunlight, Sun, Bright, Collective Soul, Better Than Ezra, Male Vocal Download Track-Cuesheet Pop Rock
30 Try And Sleep 04:09 Sad, Melancholic, Moving, Relationship, Dramatic, Male Vocal, Piano, Ambient, Pop Rock, Collective Soul Download Track-Cuesheet Pop Rock
31 Working It 01:52 Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Upbeat, Teen, Tween, Children, Family, Happy, Uplifting, Positive, Fun Download Track-Cuesheet Pop
32 Christmas In North Korea 03:35 Holiday, Christmas, Funny, Sarcastic, Elf, North Korea, Prison Camp, Slave Labor, Holiday Music, Mistle Toe, Missiles, Sacks of Toy, Bells, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Christmas Music Download Track-Cuesheet Holiday
Album Description:

Brettharter Rock für alle Stories, wo es schnell und gefährlich wird und poppiger Indie-Pop-Rock für die kleinen Dinge im Leben, die noch viel schneller gehen sollten. Catchy Pop-Songs im Stil von Los geht?s.