// 4em160 Trailers: Future Resistance //
01 Expansive 02:52 This building, confrontational action trailer cue uses aggressive hybrid-orchestral sounds and synths to create a dramatic sense of conflict. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
02 Destiny Knocking 02:00 This tense, escalating action-packed trailer cue has a driving, percussive sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
03 Vital Uprising 02:06 Against the odds, outnumbered? 'Bring it on' with this confident anthemic trailer track that stays a steady positive course in a meaningful fight with catchy synth hooks, grand sweeping strings and hard hitting drums. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
04 Night Terrors 01:40 This menacing, ominous trailer cue starts with an edgy sense of expectation before exploding into a gritty, dark driving rhythm. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
05 Born To Die 02:18 Dark, expectant, ominous hits give way into an aggressive, orchestrally-infused heavy rock sound on this climactic trailer cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
06 To The Mystic Realm 01:40 This thundering, aggressive trailer track has huge drums and tense, hybrid orchestration for a high-intensity modern sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
07 The Scourge 02:28 Dramatic, climactic action builds into an intense, explosive rock hybrid sound with piano, guitar and powerful hits. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
08 Suspicion Rising 01:46 Starting with off with eerie anticipation, this suspenseful track builds intensely with big hits and risers. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
09 The Underworld 02:12 Driving, action-ready guitars and drums create aggressive and urgently energetic rhythms on this futuristic, overdriven trailer track. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
10 Operation Triumph 01:51 This building, suspenseful hybrid orchestral cue builds to a dramatic ending with big horns and percussion. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
11 Warfare Agents 01:37 Driving, thundering drums and aggressive, fast-paced strings create a fleeting tension on this exciting, forceful action cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
12 Distorted Thunders 01:55 This intense, aggressive, dynamic cue starts with dramatic hits and ambient space before building into a driving cinematic orchestral sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
13 A Warriors Way 01:52 This climactic, confrontational trailer cue has dramatic, gritty distorted hits and urgent orchestral strings. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailer
14 Knocking Tensions 00:58 This tense, aggressive electronic cinematic cue has intense, aggressive editable hits and crescendos. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Pulse
15 Flame Of War 01:38 Aggressive, distorted action hits create a building, escalating rush of tension on this intense, gritty trailer track. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Pulse
16 Final Days 01:36 Tense, dark synth patterns and effected, damaged percussion create a moody modern darkness on this building, threatening cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Pulse
17 Tension Drive - Sound Design 01:07 Only sound design hits. Dramatic, dynamic hits and effects from Tension Drive. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Pulse
18 Disfigured 01:12 This mechanical, techie electronic trailer cue has a brooding, menacing feel. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Pulse
19 Brain Dead 01:47 Eerie synth delays ripple through negative space in this cinematic, building action sci-fi sound-design track. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Pulse
20 Accelerated Impact 01:11 This tense, massive confrontational track has intense moments of climax and dangerous suspense. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Hits
21 Fretted Odyssey Series 01:00 This tense and spacious cue has a dark yet exciting and intriguing cinematic mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Hits
22 Crushing Blows Series 00:38 This aggressive, violent track has intense hits and a dark, grim mood. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Hits
23 Explosive - Sound Design 00:50 Only sound design. Dramatic, dynamic hits and effects from Explosive. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Hits
24 Heartbeat 00:50 This mysterious and menacing cue combines suspenseful piano melody with moments of elevated drama. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Hits
25 Ambushed Series 00:52 This tense, action-oriented cue has dramatic risers and effects for aggressive, dangerous moments. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Hits
26 Magnetic Resonance 01:11 Tense climax and eerie anticipation moments create a dark, cinematic mood on this suspenseful track. Download Track-Cuesheet Sound Design Hits
Album Description:

Darkness and impending danger are ever-present in the apocalyptic, metallic sound-world of this trailer album. Deadly serious, relentless tension bristles from these aggressive, conflict-ready tracks.