// 4em161 Trailers: No Going Back //
01 Sky Scrape 02:31 Bittersweet longing builds into desperate, grand feeling on this cinematic vocal trailer track. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailers
02 Road Not Traveled 02:19 This cinematic trailer track starts in a somber, melancholy reflective space and builds to an expansive, flowing, sweeping emotive sound. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailers
03 Standing At The Edge 02:57 This grand trailer cue starts with a gentle vocal melody and builds into large-scale climatic, confrontational, sweeping cinematic pop glory. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailers
04 Better Late 02:28 This building, cinematic trailer track starts with gentle reflection and builds into a heavy dark pop with pockets of faded grandeur, shaking to the ground. Download Track-Cuesheet Trailers
Album Description:

On this collection of trailer tracks from composer Tyler Ewing, sweeping melodies and evocative dark moods build to powerful feelings of yearning, desperation, and heightened emotional tension. The tracks are cinematic and climactic - but they are also warm and grounded, bringing relatable, sometimes intimate feeling to earth-shaking levels of intensity.