// Star Wars //
28 Glorious 02:32 Strahlender Filmmusik-Trailer, erhabenes Orchester, bewegend, aufgehende Sonne Download Track-Cuesheet
30 The Universe 03:19 Heldenhafter Filmmusik-Trailer, erhabenes Orchester, das strahlende Universum Download Track-Cuesheet
27 Gemini Rising 01:32 Dunkler Filmmusik-Trailer, tragisches Orchester, misstrauisch & dramatisch Download Track-Cuesheet
15 Galaxy Defenders 01:34 Angespannter Filmmusik-Trailer, dramatisches Orchester, heldenhaft, Space Marines Download Track-Cuesheet
06 The Agony Of Loss 03:05 The rich full string section opens emotional and heartbroken with soft and tasty percussives, a full sweeping orchestra w/ percussion, ever rising to a stronger&stronger statement, with a sense of strength and a bit of hope? Download Track-Cuesheet
05 Dangerous Space 01:36 Kräftiger Filmmusik-Trailer, dramatischer Chor, rebellisches Universum Atmo Download Track-Cuesheet
32 To Seek And Not To Yield 02:09 Friedlicher Filmmusik-Trailer, strahlendes Orchester, Entdeckung der Erde 2.0 Download Track-Cuesheet
12 A Lion Heart 02:36 Serious & somber intro, to courageous strings and brass setting an adventurous tone, a continuing fearless orchestral buildup with sublime choral support, will make any person into a hero Download Track-Cuesheet
08 Odysseus Return End Title 02:57 Otherworldly & atmospheric intro, gains momentum creating anticipation of grander things to come & indeed @ 1:00 multi-sectional, multi-emotional sweeping gigantic orchestral cinematic masterpiece filling the whole cosmic sky & infusing hearts with hope, Download Track-Cuesheet
27 March Of Legends 01:50 Dramatischer Filmmusik-Trailer, angespanntes Orchester, in den Krieg marschieren Download Track-Cuesheet
11 Magnificat 02:24 Ethereal open with voices and strings, to surging edge of your seat ever building courage. 1:37 sees astonishmentinducing gigantic hits, percussion, orchestra and roaring choirs Download Track-Cuesheet
01 Automaton 02:14 Forboding orch. & sound design colors intro @ 0:34 tense swirling strings under bellowing brass, @ 1:21 skin ripping sound design & booming artillery percussion /w huge orch. melody Download Track-Cuesheet
02 Titan's Fear 01:56 Bedrohlicher Filmmusik-Trailer, spannendes Orchester Alien-Verfolgungsjagd Download Track-Cuesheet
06 Barbaricum 02:17 Head trauma explosions for hits /w despairing dentist drill reverberations open, then @ 0:58 a bit of angsty respite, @ 1:25 back to huge destroying hits and orchestra. Download Track-Cuesheet
03 Galactious 01:54 Severe orchestral and sound design buildup, then @1:00 behold the hammer of the gods striking fear. then emerge astonishing shouting choirs and orchestra Download Track-Cuesheet
02 New Age 01:46 Dramatischer Filmmusik-Trailer, episches Orchester, Chor, optimistisch Download Track-Cuesheet
24 The Battle For Golom 02:08 Erhebender Filmmusik-Trailer, heroisches Orchester, Flüstern, erhabene Atmo Download Track-Cuesheet
01 Supernova Explosion 01:04 Explosive cinematic pounding drums w/ huge industrial bass hits, stop @:29 into intense pulsing low synth swell & riser w/ climax @ :54 of large rhythmic hits. Download Track-Cuesheet
21 Artificial Species 01:48 Angespannter Filmmusik-Trailer, bedrohliche Streicher, Synths, was liegt vor uns? Download Track-Cuesheet
09 The Mighty Crusaders Main Title 02:23 Mesmerizing widescreen orchestral adventure, swells and tells tales of glory, breaks into booming percussives interlude, then swells again /w heroic brass melodies & female choir, joined again by the whole orchestra. Download Track-Cuesheet

Galaktische, actionreiche Sounds sind im "Krieg der Sterne" Epos ebenso ein Muss wie Luke Skywalker, Dart Vader oder Jar Jar Binks. Passende Tracks gibt's in unserer Playlist.