// Briefing für neue Compilations //

ivox388 Less is More (Neuer Track)

Classical small arrangements with tiny little bits of Electronica. Preferably not only realized with piano, new ideas welcome! Mood is positive, uplifting, warm. Make sure it stays minimalistic.
Examples (unfortunately with no electronica bits, but fitting the required mood)
A, B, C
Deadline: 16.04.2017

ivox387 The Big Five (Neuer Track)

Powerful documentary footage for big animals, anticipating dark atmospheres, steady tension, rolling developments and dramatic scenes with accents.
Genre: modern orchestral to smaller arrangements (preferably real instruments)
Moods: pulsating, rolling, heroic
A) Dramatic Sceneries (rolling with accents), A: Inspirational docu video in total, for this section watch at 1:00 to 05:00
B) Stalking Atmospheres, B
C) Majestic Beauty, C1, C2
Deadline: 12.04.2017